Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Preprinted Wholecloths are in the Studio!

Aside from big stitch quilting on double gauze fabric, my favorite thing to quilt is wholecloths.  Premarked wholecloths (I hate prep work).  I have added several to the online shop:

I have started this round Christmas wholecloth already!  Wonder if it will be finished by Christmas.  <ha!>

This is one that I did last year.  And fell in love with hand quilting wholecloths!

Here it is drying after soaking the marks out.

This pillow panel was used in my handquilting class last winter and I finally finished mine.

Here it is just before it is finished.  I used a combination of embroidery, hand quilting & big stitch quilting.

So..there is a range of wholecloths available, from simple to complex.  Take a look!  :)  And you don't have to hand quilt can machine quilt them, embroider them, trapunto them...

And I just got an email from the supplier that two more designs have been added...guess I need to do some more shopping.  ;)

Till later!

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