Thursday, September 21, 2017

Happy First Day of Autumn!

But I am sorry to see summer go.  It has been so nice this year.  We are still harvesting zucchini and tomatoes but I think after this weekend they will be pretty much finished.  It is supposed to be miserable.  That's okay.  Quilting weather is coming.  :)

The online shop is getting more things in!  I hope to have more baby print double gauze in soon as it is the most popular so far.  My current project is Sand and Ivory solids for a couch snuggle quilt, 2 yards of each, Quilters Dream Request cotton batting and I am big stitch quilting it in various beige colors of Finca perle cotton 8 It always amazes me how quickly these quilts get finished just sitting and working in front of the tv at night.  No marking..just follow the little grid lines in the double gauze! The meandering you see is the basting that I do on the longarm for hand quilting projects.

There is a tutorial on my online shop if you are interested:
Big Stitch Tutorial

We had a Big Stitch Class at Quilt Essentials a few Saturdays ago and it was so much fun!  The students practised on Halloween and Xmas panels and they picked it up very quickly. So proud of them! If you would like me to teach any classes, contact Kara at QE and let her know.  We are always open to suggestions!

Speaking of hand quilting...I finished the project that we worked on last winter...a preprinted Tulip wholecloth pillow panel and I used heirloom hand quilting, big stitch quilting and hand embroidery on it.  Yes, finally finished, stuffed with a pillow form and tossed on the bed!

And speaking of preprinted wholecloths...I will be carrying some!  I cannot resist as they are my favorite thing to hand quilt and you can heirloom quilt them, big stitch quilt them, use colored threads, trapunto them, embroider them and machine quilt them!  I hope to place an order next week.  If there is anything specific you would like me to get for you, just holler and I will add it to the order.  There are pillow panels/mini wholecloths, crib quilts and large quilts.  You can see the selection at The Stencil Company.

A wholecloth crib quilt that I finished a few years ago...laying out to dry after soaking off the preprinted marks

QE has YLI quilting thread in stock and I carry some Superior Threads Treasure.  There are more and more hand quilting threads being offered out there, now, and I am going to test some. Right now I am most interested in trying Aurifil 28wt as some hand quilters I admire use it and I want to see how it quilts.

For Big Stitch, anything goes!  But my current favorite is Presencia Perle Cotton 8, which I carry.  And QE has some also.

Let's see...what else...

Handiquilter is having a promo right now for Demo Days, ending September 25th:
I have an Avante on a 12ft Studio Frame, with or without the Pro Stitcher computer, and a Sweet 16 sit down system with TruStitch regulator and very heavy cabinet for sale.  If you are interested please contact me at 307-745-3200 or email me at

Customer quilts so far this month:

And still more on the rack to finish by the end of the month.  :)  I love my job"!


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