Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I cannot believe it is March already! And our March snow(s) are here so I am glad to be up in the Studio cozy and warm.  :)

We purchased a new car (finally) two day's ago on Rudi's birthday so he was a happy guy.  We bought our last car on his birthday as well, so it seems to be a tradition for us.  I suppose it helps that it is usually during spring break...

Our old Buick was just getting so uncomfortable to sit in after eleven years and all the long trips we had taken in it and although I am missing it, the new CR-V is pretty awesome.  Complicated, but awesome.  Rudi took it to work today to see how it drives in the snow.  I was too chicken to drive him to work in it today.  ;)

Here are some pictures of the Star Wars quilt I made and sent to the was so much fun to do! It was a panel and I added borders to it and pieced the back with the leftover fabric.

And...after almost a year of hand quilting, I finally finished the wholecloth crib quilt.  Here it is after being gently washed to get all the markings out.  It was a pre-marked quilt top as those who know me well know that I hate prep work and these little pre-marked kits work for me.  I have actually ordered two more as I want to do some experimenting on the longarm with them.  I used silk batting and the finished quilt is so light and soft.  Love it.

And some things I found on the internet:

We are having another Machine Maintenance Day!  Techs from Blakeman's will be here on Friday, April 8th starting at 9am.  Give me a call at 307-745-3200 or email me at if you would like to be put on the list. 

 The latest Handi Quilter promo "Celebrate National Quilting Day" is still available until March 21st!  So, if you are interested in a new HQ quilting system, contact me and I would be glad to offer you free shipping.

And if you are in the market for a gently used system, it is time to sell my Demos!  I have the new Simply Sixteen and Little Foot Frame to offer, a Sweet 16 sit down system with a Hide Away cabinet and Tru Stitch stitch regulator, and the Avante on a Studio Frame with or without the Pro Stitcher computer.  They all work beautifully and, as with any machine you purchase, you receive support and training from me.  If you are interested, just holler!  

Finally, some customer quilts, 3 months worth (I really should blog more often....)

As always, thanks for your continued support.  It means a lot!

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