Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer seems to be here! (finally) ;) And HQ Free Shipping Promo!

Well, I have been keeping very busy with customer quilts and then discovered that I have not done a blog post in *awhile*.  Made myself a cup of coffee and will do one now.   ;)

We discovered this weekend that we have a nest of baby robins just outside our spare bedroom window.  It has been so much fun to watch the parents feeding them and sitting on them...very watchful, they are.

HandiQuilter is having a Free Shipping Promo until June 21st.  With the savings I usually offer, this is always such a great deal.  :)

And my Demo Avante/Pro Stitcher/12ft Studio Frame is also for sale.  Just give me a call at 307-745-3200 or shoot me an email at if you are interested or have any questions.  I have started to advertise it on the internet so if anyone is interested, contact me soon.  :)  It is time to replace the Studio setup.

Ebay sales have been good.  The homespuns sell like crazy.  So much for downsizing the retail end of the Studio.  LOL!  All the quilting books and kits have sold and almost all the spools of threads have sold.  I will be putting the smocking books and patterns on there soon.  As soon as I find some time.  I will be continuing to stock and expand cones of threads but the spools will be gone soon.

And....I just spilled my coffee on myself....  <sigh>

Here are a few videos for you:

Glue Basting - I use Elmers glue a lot in my piecing, applique and basting:  

Tea Towel Apron!  I LOVE this tutorial!  And since I still have lots of Dunroven House tea towels, here, I am going to make myself one.  Or three.  If you are interested, the tea towels are $4.50 each.

I go to the eye doctor tomorrow to see if my cataracts have *cooked* enough for the surgery.  This past month has been difficult as far as custom quilting goes...I just cannot see precisely enough anymore and I am straining my eyes and getting headaches.  At the very least I am sure I need a new prescription.  The edge to edge quilting is fine but custom is really becoming an issue...not so bad if the fabrics are highly contrasting but if the fabrics are similar in value then I have trouble.  Perhaps a new prescription will help.  Some customers who have had the surgery say that it is amazing how much better their sight is.  Have to admit I will be very nervous about it, when it comes.  They will have to drug me silly....   ;) are the latest customer quilts!

And this is Oliver's 2nd Birthday quilt!
Yes...been busy!  So much so that I have invested in an Intelliquilter computer for my little Prodigy machine...the machine that looks like a praying mantis.  ;)  This is the machine that I started with and it has been neglected since I got a computer on the HandiQuilter machines and I do need a backup machine.  So...I made the plunge.  It is not up and running yet as I had to send a part in to Prodigy to have it reprogrammed but I hope to have it back by next week and then I will start learning the IQ.  I have been very impressed with the service and friendliness of the Intelliquilter people and look forward to using my IQ.

So!  That is about all the news for now.  Enjoy the lovely weather!

Warm Regards,

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