Thursday, November 12, 2015

Yes, it's been awhile.... ;)

Summer has come and gone in a flash this year and lots of *life* has been happening.  But I am back on track now, quilting up a storm and feeling good.

I had the surgery on my eyes at the end of June and that was an experience and a half but things are just fine now.  I can see...the swelling is mostly gone...the scars are almost unnoticeable and I can feel my eyelashes!  LOL!  Putting mascara on has been an adventure but now it just tickles and I don't shove the wand in my eyeball anymore.  ;)

We had a nasty time of plumbing problems which lasted 6 weeks but we think it is all taken care of.  I have new toilets and sinks and some new pipes under the house and the beehives are gone.  Yes, part of the problem was beehives under the house.  Diseased beehives.  The vents under the house now have screens over them.  ;)

And the best news of all is the birth of my granddaughter Elodie.  She was born on October 27th, 7lbs 3oz, and is the Most Beautiful Baby Girl in the World, of course.  I won't post a picture of her here without her mother's permission as this is a public blog but you can see pictures of her in my studio.  Sweet, sweet baby.  When I first saw her picture, I was so startled as her mouth looked just like my mom's.  So, I looked upward and told Mom that she had a lovely great-granddaughter and I am sure she would be proud.  :)

And when I found out she was going to be born, I started knitting.  Pink!  I had knitted this blanket for both Quinn and Oliver and made one for Elodie along with a small one for clutching.  And I could not resist the little bunny slippers!

And here is a little sweater set that my girls had made for them when they were babies and that I made for the foster babies I had in my care.  It is the pattern that my own grandmother used to make.  So, Elodie has a piece of my history there.

With not having great eyesight this summer, I got behind in my quilting but I am all caught up and back to a quick turnaround.  I have two computerized machines and have a blast running them both at the same time.

And...speaking of machines....Handi Quilter has come out with a brand new machine setup, the Simply Sixteen and Little Foot Frame, aimed toward quilters who do not have room for a big longarm system but would like a stitch regulated, small setup.  I think it is a great idea and have ordered one for the studio.  Not sure where I will put it but you can be sure I will find room.  ;)  I am really looking forward to using it.  You would prepare your quilt as you would for sit down quilting (basting the layers) and clamp it to the Little Foot Frame, you can stand or sit, and you move the machine over the quilt to quilt it.  Then when that area is finished, you unclamp the quilt, move it and re-clamp it and continue quilting.  You can do freehand work and custom work...ruler work!  And did I mention it is stitch regulated?  :)

I hope to have it in the Studio early December and if you have any questions, just holler!  You can call me at 307-745-3200 or email me at

Here are a few quilts that I have finished this summer...too many to post all at once so I will post more in further emails.

Post more soon!

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