Friday, April 24, 2015

New HQ Promo, Demo Machine Sale Time, and other stuff. :)

I think spring might be here...for 10 minutes, anyway!  ;)  I am SO looking forward to summer and sitting out in the garden.  This winter was not bad, by any means, but enough.  :)

Here are a few websites to look at:

A good explanation of the dreaded batting bearding:

And on how to take care of fabric bleed:  (Vicki does amazing hand dyes!)

And...a great way to baste a quilt!

This has been a crazy busy few months here in the Studio.  You are all keeping me busy and I am so thankful for that!  And I am finally computerizing my other little machine, the Prodigy.  The one that sits at the side of the studio looking like a Praying Mantis.  ;)  It will be good to have a back up machine and I do love it.

Speaking of is past time for the Demo Sale!  The Sweet 16 has not even been turned on (bad quilter!) but I will not sell it until I do so.  LOL!  Maybe this weekend.

But the Avante and 12ft Studio Frame is for sale and you can purchase it either with the Pro Stitcher computer or without it.  It works beautifully, the frame is sturdy and awesome, and you will receive all the training and support you would need from me.  If you are interested, give me a call at 307-745-3200 or shoot me an email at

And Handi Quilter is doing a flash 0% 60-month financing promo offered by Synchrony Bank (click here) and runs from April 28th through May 6th, 2015.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this promo, give me a holler!

And here are some pictures of the quilting I have been doing:

Yes...I have been busy.  ;)  Whew!

Warm Regards!


  1. Beautiful! I love photos #1, 7, 12 & 13. Can we see how they look when finished?

    1. If you are on Facebook, Judy, you can see more pictures of the custom quilts... Bobbins 'n Threads on Facebook. I really need to find a space to hang the quilts to photograph them.