Monday, March 9, 2015

New Handi Quilter promo and Machine Maintenance Day!

Quick quilt I made last weekend to test
out the American Made Solids that I am
now selling on Ebay.
Dare I hope that spring might actually be here?  It smells like spring and the light is spring-like.  Not that we have suffered from a bad winter, mind you.  But I am still ready for spring.

Chris from Blakeman's is coming on Monday, May 18th for another Machine Maintenance/Service Day!  So let me know if you want your machine to be added to the list.  I would need your name and phone number, your make of machine and what kind of service you need. You can drop the machine off a few days in advance or you can swing it by that day.  Call me at 307-745-3200 or email me at

Here are the prices:
  •  $55  Basic Blowout, shuttle oiling, and sew off.
  •  $69.99 Full Service and Cleaning Basic Machine. Tension balance, blowout, oiling, mechanical tuning, and 18 point inspection with test sew in. 1 year guarantee on service.
  •  $109.99 Full Service and Cleaning European models, computerized models, PFAFF, Bernina, Viking, and brand specific precision Machines. Tension balance, blowout, oiling, mechanical tuning, and 18 point inspection with test sew in. Full ESD protection for computerized specialty machines with air ionizer and static mat to protect your computerized equipment. 1 year guarantee on service.
  •  $3 Scissor sharpening.
Wow...just noticed the scissor sharpening!

And, he is offering a machine special on the Bernina 330
Normal Price MSRP: $1,499.95
Service Clinic Special: $1,299.95
You Save: $200!!

Cute machine.  It comes with an extension can read up on it here:
Bernina 330 <click here>

And... Handi Quilter has a new promo!

If you have any questions or are interested in taking advantage of the March Madness 0% financing and $20.00 shipping, give me a call or shoot me an email.  307-745-3200

Made note of these to share with you...I usually just tie together fleece ends for my dogs but this looks much more durable:
Dog's Tug Toy Made out of Fleece

And a great blog post from Angela Walters...which I need to remind myself from time to time...  ;)
Three Things Machine Quilters Shouldn't Do

My Ebay Store has been quite busy...I am all out of homespuns and have ordered some more.  The King Tut spools of thread at 40% off are slowly selling off and the kits and patterns are pretty much sold out.  The books are also slowly selling.  I have put the Radiance and the Sateen on there as well as the new American Made Solids.  They are thinner than Kona...quilters will either like or dislike this...but it is grown, spun and dyed here in America.  I used it in the little quilt pictured above and found that it cut and sewed beautifully and ironed like a dream.  The thread count is good (74 x 78) so, although it is thin, it is stable and very smooth...there was absolutely no distortion in any of the processes I put them through and I am very pleased with them. I would use Kona for some things and the American Made for others.  And, since I do a lot of hand applique, I think it will needleturn well....finger pressing works well with it.  And I think it would hand smock beautifully.  It is a good quality shirting type of fabric.

Some of the backordered Radiance and Sateens are coming in and I just got a notification that the homespuns are on their way.  I think I will also open up my Etsy store with these...soon as I have a bit more spare time.

March is *custom quilting month* for me.  I am so backed up with them since I took the month of January off to recuperate.  I hope to get 3 or 4 finished this month and then will get back to the edge to edge quilts.  I am so thankful for the continued support.  I love what I do and love my customers!

Starting the Stitch in the Ditch

On the frame for the past week:

This is a GORGEOUS Winter Wonderland quilt...hand embroidered redwork.  I am enjoying every minute of it.  I hope to have it finished this week...wish I were not so slow but there you go.  I just am.  ;)

Today I start the filler work on each block.

Last row of stitch in the ditch!

 are some more customer quilts...all finished!

Well, I just got a phone call from Passport Canada that my application for my new passport has been put on hold because my pictures were not good enough.  I go through this every single time I have to renew.  The Canadian rules are very strict and I always have to send pictures at least twice.  But at least the lady was nice.  Canadians usually are.  LOL!  And when I told her I was almost grateful for having to re-do them because the picture was so awful this time, she was pooh poohed me, like only a French Canadian can, and told me that mine were not that bad...some of the ones they get in are just awful.  So diplomatic.  ;)

Enjoy the sunshine!
Warm Regards,


  1. Can you ask Chris Blakeman if he sharpens pinking shears? and the cost?
    Mari V

  2. Love the dog toy link! I have sooo much fleece and 4 dogs who love to play tug o' war. I also liked the things quilters shouldn't do. We can be so hard on ourselves. Beautiful quilts and quilting! My favorite part is the quilting. My sister hates having her pic taken and the last time she got her license renewed they let her look at the picture and retake it. After the 3rd one the person said, "That's the best I can do." Haha! My mom is French Canadian. :) Susan