Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day! (and thread sale....)

Well, this winter is not.  I have to say, though, that I am enjoying the balmy weather.  We may pay the price later but perhaps a bunch of snow and rain will come our way soon.

I took the month of January off and did a lot of handwork and going through inventory and putting things on Ebay.  Lots of things have sold and there's lots more to sell off.  So much of it is *mature* stock and since the basis of the business, now, seems to be quilting service there is no sense having patterns and books and kits in stock.  I will continue to stock threads and some interesting fabrics (I need fabric!) but everything else is going.

This week, I put the King Tut spools of thread on ebay for 40% off.  Regular price is $8.99 and I am selling them off at $5.40 so if you are interested, give me a call and I will pull your selection off ebay and hold it for you.

Next, I will be putting the So Fine spools there.  They are also 40% off so if you want some, give me a holler.  Regular price $5.95, sale price $3.60.  So Fine is my go-to thread for everything.

Also...the Glide mini cones are on sale.  $2.50 a cone!  Come and get them!

I will continue to sell the large cones of threads...all the So Fine colors are in stock and almost all of the King Tut, as well.  Also, I have a large stock of Omni thread (love that stuff!) and will continue to grow them.  With starting to get in some Radiance fabric, I will also be getting in Kimono Silk thread.  All Superior Threads.  And I have a large selection of Magnifico machine embroidery thread in spools...playing around with the idea of selling the spools off and getting the cones in but still haven't decided.

I also have the some Metallics and Glitters, as well as Razzle Dazzle and will continue with them as well as the So Fine Variegated.

To the fabric!  I have ordered a few colors of Radiance silk/cotton fabric.  The white and natural have come in but the other colors are back ordered (baby blue, baby pink and ivory).  I want so much to get into wholecloth quilting and the sheen of the Radiance is outstanding!  It is also great for art quilts!  And I am also getting in a few bolts of Sateen.  It is not quite as shiny as Radiance and is a combed cotton and I want to use them for baby christening quilts, if I ever have time to make them.  So far, the wide width (118") of cream is in but the white is backordered.  I also have the 44" width in white (ultra sateen), here, and the cream, baby blue, baby pink and celery are backordered.  I hope to grow my stock of these fabrics with a sheen.  I also want to see how they hand quilt.  Yes, I am back into that....

And since homespuns have been selling on ebay, I have ordered some more of them.

Imperial Batiste has always been here and I will continue to stock them, as well.  I look forward to seeing how the Radiance and the Sateen smocks up!  (in my spare time..again...)  ;)

Hopefully, my little ebay adventure will continue to grow with offering these yummy fabrics.

To see what I have on Ebay, currently, click:
Bobbins 'n Threads on Ebay

I have a huge roll of wool batting in is the wide width (king size) and continue with the Polydown (polyester) and the cotton (Quilters Dream Select) and Legacy Blend.  So, my quilting customers have more choices for batting!

So...that's what is new!  Putting things on Ebay really takes time but I have enjoyed it.  I have a merchant's soul and I just cannot imagine not selling wonderful, quality goods.

This weekend is Valentine's Day!  I look forward having take-out food (Tiramisu from Jeffreys for dessert!) and opening a good bottle of wine and sitting back with my honey and feeling blessed.  :)

Thanks for your continued support and  Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

Warm Regards,

And I have been quilting again!

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