Monday, May 5, 2014

Machine Maintenance Day!!!

Yes, we are again offering a Machine Maintenance Day at Bobbins 'n Threads!  New location, new maintenance guy, but the same procedure.

Chris Blakeman of Blakeman Vacuum & Sewing will be here at my Studio on Friday, May 16th.

He does minor cleanings and oiling for $55.00.
If there are any other adjustments/repairs then the price is $69.99 and a 1 year guarantee.
If it is a more technical machine that needs an adjustment/repair, the charge is $109.99.
Any service rate over the $55.00 charge gets $10.00 off as a thank you for coming out to our Machine Maintenance Day.  And you get a free pack of needles.  Extra needles is always a plus, isn't it?  I think his prices are really good and he is thorough.  Check out his website:

Chris will bring a few Bernina machines if anyone would like to see a demonstration of the 350PE. Now...anyone who knows me and my machine addiction would know that I am excited about this. A machine to play with!  ;)

As before, when I had the Machine Maintenance Days in my store, you call me in advance.
307-745-3200  or email me at and I will put your name and phone number on the list.  I would need to know the make and model of your machine and what you would like the service to be.  I will then email Chris a list of the machines coming in and what needs to be done with them and that way he can bring what he needs to service them.

You can drop your machine off to me early in the week or you can come by that day and meet Chris.  He is a nice young man and very good at what he does.

I, myself, have 2 machines for him to work on and we already have some other machines coming in so let me know ASAP so that we can schedule time for you.

I love offering this service to this area and I hope to continue to offer it.  

It is a new month already and that means a new Spark Naturals Oil of the Month! 

May's Oil of the Month is Geranium!  I love smells like roses and I make a really nice body spray that has geranium in it.  It is also really good for the skin!

And, as always, purchases other than the Oil of the Month Club receive 10% off if you use my coupon code:  bobbins.  But with the Oil of the Month Club, you receive free shipping!  :)

Actually!  I just remembered!  Today is the last day for FREE SHIPPING at Spark Naturals!  They had a free shipping promo (first anniversary!) this weekend and I totally forgot.  I need to make a list of what I need.....

Isn't it gorgeous out there today?  I will sign off now and make a coffee and head outside to sit in the sun for a bit.  Then the quilting machine will be calling me.  :)

Don't forget to give me a call if you need a machine serviced!

Warm Regards,

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