Monday, April 28, 2014

Thread Order Time & Nifty Product for Machine Quilting!

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Hi All,

Been swamped with quilting this month (thank you!) so this blog post will be a quickish one.  I am waiting for some down time to do a post on threads and what I carry here for sale and what they can be used for.  But no time yet.  Stay tuned!

This week is the first of the month (May already!) and the time for my monthly thread order from Superior Threads.  If there is anything you would like to add to my order, just give me a holler at 307-745-3200 in the next day or so and I will add it.  Saves shipping costs for you!

Also, on one of my quilting groups I found this really neat idea for helping to alleviate the dreaded *drag* of the heavy quilt while machine quilting.  And it seems to do the trick!  Check it out:

It can be used with domestic machines as well as the sit down quilting systems and I just betcha it would really help out.

Okay, the quilting machine is calling but here are a few pictures of the quilts I have worked on this month, so far:

Love this Kitty Quilt!

Adorable Scrappy Apple quilt
The back of the Scrappy Apple this quilting design!

T-Shirt quilt!  With bubble Minky Minky....

This is a really pretty flannel quilt.

Bear, Moose & Pines quilting on this pieced and applique quilt...turned out really nice.
My favorite baby quilt pattern...I love quilting these...Baby Nines.

The back of the Baby Nines quilt - full custom

The picture does not do the colors of this quilt is so pretty!

Soothing spring colors in this Scrappy Pyramids quilt.
That's it for today.
Stay warm...and don't blow away...

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