Thursday, October 31, 2013

More About Dream-y Sleep Salve!

I did this post a few weeks past about making some Salves.  I make my own, using Spark Naturals Essential Oils, and I am rather impressed with them.

 This has been a journey of experimentation as I am trying really hard to eliminate chemicals from my environment since I am so sensitive.  Slowly I am replacing my household cleaners and laundry things with homemade ones, skin care as well.  And now some healing creams and such.

I diffuse oils in my house and am learning what to use for what is appropriate for the day.  For instance, I warded off a cold with Respire in the Diffuser along with the Cold and Chest Rub and Shield, diluted with oil, on my feet.  The cold never came on strong and I am so thankful for that!  With the respiratory problems I had last spring, I am trying to avoid colds with a vengeance!

I will diffuse Zen if I am feeling stressed and need to feel more balanced.  I have to say that Zen is my favorite oil of all of them.  The smell of it just makes me feel so good.  :)

Anyhow!  I made the Dream-y Sleep Salve from Camp Wander.  And I used it that night.  I didn't know what to expect but what I did experience was surprising.  My nightly hot flashes stopped.  Now...for years, as soon as I am drifting off the sleep, I am violently woken up with a hot flash.  And then, of course, after it passes I am awake.  LOL!  And through the night I was always woken up with a flash or 5.  The first night I rubbed the Dream-y Salve on my feet, I did not have the *going-to-sleep* flash.  Hmmmm, I thought....

And I slept really deeply.

So, I tried it again the next night and the same thing!  No *going-to-sleep* flash!  And although I woke up a few times, there was no hot flash, no sweating, no heart pounding.  Just a nice, deep sleep.

And I am NEVER going to stop rubbing this salve on my feet every night!  There is actually something to this stuff!

Spark Naturals now has a Dream Blend and you can rub it on your feet, diluted with a carrier oil or you can make your own Salve. (I dilute all the oils when I use them as I am so sensitive...I usually either make up a little roller bottle with 10 drops or so and fill it up with FCO or just put a glob of unscented lotion in my hand and add a drop or two). It takes one 5ml bottle for the salve.  There are a lot of essential oils in this recipe so I think it is great to be able to just purchase the vial of blend rather than collect all the EO's you need.

Anyhow, thought I would share!  My daughter has requested some and Santa will be busy making salves next month!

Also, the basic Healing Salve works great on all kinds of skin things!  The Cold and Chest Rub did well, even though it does not smell as strongly as Vicks.  And I also made the Aches and Pains Salve and rub it on my knees after Curves and the next day my knees do not hurt.  Again, it does not smell strongly.  This is just so exciting to me.  :)

On a quilty note....

Here are some quilts I have been working on this week!  Speaking of Christmas, time is flying by.  I am already getting some Christmas quilts in for quilting so if you are planning on gifting a quilt this year and had planned on having me quilt it, give me a call to get put on the calendar and/or plan on getting the quilts to me in time.  I can quilt right up until Christmas Eve.  That is the day the machines shut down.  ;)

The back of the Christmas quilt...I love the backs!  This is the Holly Berries quilting design.


And some more from this month...


The quilting machine is calling me!  If you want to order some essential oils from Spark Naturals and give these things a try, just click on the logo on the top right hand side of this blog.  And remember to use the coupon code BOBBINS to get a discount!

Warm Regards,

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