Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cherry Pit Bags!

(I also make rice bags!)
We love our Cherry Pit Bags!  I make them in two sizes right now.  A square one at 9"x 9" and a neck bag at 7"x 18".  The sizes are approximate as I use quilting quality flannel fabric and it all depends on the width of the fabric.  They are filled  with Cherry Pits that I have sent to me from Michigan. 

Cherry Pit Bags are lighter in weight than rice bags and they have a lovely, faint *cherry pie pastry* scent.  When I have a headache I cannot use my rice bags as the warm rice/grainy odor makes me sick to my stomach.  When I lived in Germany I discovered cherry pit bags.  And fell in love with them.  :)  Use them hot or cold!

And they are hand washable...another advantage...

The 7"x 18" neck bag  $20

The 9"x 9" bag  $18

The directions are on the cards included with each bag:
  • Microwave 1-3 minutes for soothing, moist heat. ***microwave times vary...don't overcook!
  • Place in a ziploc bag & put in the freezer for a cold pack.
  • Cherry Pits slowly release moist heat and stay warm or cold for a long period of time.
  • Hand Washable!
If you have any questions about my Cherry Pit Bags, please contact me at The prices listed here do not include shipping.

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