Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby Nines

I love this little quilt.  Now...I usually don't do multiples of many quilt projects as there are just SO many quilts out there to do and learn from.  But I had made one of these for my daughter a few years ago and loved it so much that I made another top.  And just finished quilting it.  Another UFO bites the dust!  :o)

And, as usual, when I custom quilt I quilted it to death...just don't know when to stop.  And that is why I usually do pantograph quilting for customers.  ;)  But with each of my quilts, I try to use a technique that I want to perfect.  And with this one I did Terry Twists in the tiny nine patches.  And...I used Quilters Dream Orient batting for the first time.  I LOVE THIS BATTING!!!  It is a combination of silk, bamboo, tencel and cotton and is just plain yummy...quilted and unquilted!

Because I have over quilted the little quilt (sigh), I thought it might not be very cuddly.  But once I washed and dried it...oh my...this quilt is soft and cuddly, with beautiful drape, and it shrivelled up just perfectly.

I have contacted the designer of the pattern, Connie Lancaster, and she is willing to wholesale this pattern to me so we will now carry the patterns!  The Baby Nines as well as the Whooters quilts that I have hanging on the Studio walls always get lots of attention and at least once a week someone asks me if I carried the patterns.  Now I do.  :)

Here is an adaptation of the Whooters quilt that I have hanging outside my studio door.  I had made the *real* Whooters wallhanging for my grandson's nursery (and also made him a crib quilt from it!) and I am getting the urge to make the true wallhanging, again, for the studio wall.  I think I see a hand or machine applique class wanting to happen....  ;)

You can see the wallhanging here:
Quinn's Whooters Quilt Wallhanging


  1. do you still sell the pattern for the baby nines by connie lancaster

    1. No, unfortunately, I have not found another source. It is such a cute pattern, isn't it?