Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Another Machine Maintenance Day!

Quinn & Oliver - The Most Beautiful Boys in the World
Well, my goodness, it is September already.  And I haven't posted a blog post in quite awhile.  Hasn't this summer gone by fast?  I continue to be crazy busy with customer quilts but we also did our trip to Canada to nibble on the grandbabies and then hit the Grand Rapids quilt conference where I did some shopping and took several classes.  I always get so inspired by these classes.  :)

Chris from Blakeman Vacuum & Sewing will be here again next Friday, September 12th for a Machine Maintenance Day.  As before, give me a call (307-745-3200) or shoot me an email ( if you would like to be put on the list.  I would need your name and phone number as well as the type of machine you have and what service you would like.  If there is an issue with your machine then I can tell Chris and he can bring the proper tools and/or parts that might be needed.

I finished a quilt top that was started in the year 2000...hand pieced Grandmother's Flower Garden.  We were living in Germany at the time and pieced a lot of the GFG flowers while sitting in our garden.  We had a rented garden plot...actually, it was a huge plot with a little garden house on the property and we spent most weekends there...loved that garden!  I brought the finished GFG flowers over to the States with me and had just about enough of the hand piecing so I appliqued them down to a floral background.  Not sure why I chose a floral background.  But there you go.  The blocks sat for years but I got them out and  have sashed the blocks in a variegated yellow fabric and it is now waiting to be quilted.  In my spare time.  ;)

This quilt will have a lot of memories in it.  :)

Here are a few tutorials that I found interesting:

Don't you just love the internet?  Honestly, there is so much to find on there and so much to learn!  :)

This month's Oil of the Month at Spark Naturals is of my favorites!  It is such a refreshing floral scent and I really like to diffuse it on dreary days or on days where I just need a pick-me-up.  Rudi just called to tell me he seems to be coming down with a cold and will *need some of my potions*!  LOL!  It is back to school time...
****use coupon code BOBBINS for 10% off at Spark Naturals!

Quilts are coming in really fast...must be September!  If there are quilts you need finished by Christmas give me a call and I will schedule a time for your quilt. Christmas will be here before you know it and it is a really busy time for the Studio.  :)

I am also planning on having a sale on some retail items and need to go through my personal quilting books and purge a bit so, if I have the time, I will do so and they will be for sale.

I have an Etsy Store and and Ebay Store now.  Go on over and see if there is anything you would like.  I hope to continue to stock both of them.

And...the customer quilts...

Yep!  Been busy!  LOL!

Anyhow, let me know if you want your machine serviced next week!
Warm Regards,

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