Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quilt Jewellery Sale....

Remember the Quilty Jewelry that I had in the store?  I still have them here in the home studio and have decided they need new homes.  So....I am selling the pieces at 50% off!

There are several flag pins, a few pendants, and some scissor fobs and bracelets.  And 2 pairs of earrings.  All miniature quilt blocks, paperpieced.  Amazing things.

If you are interested in seeing them and purchasing, contact me at 307-745-3200 or email me at bobbinsnthreads@gmail.com.

Are you fans of Bonnie Hunter?  This week The Quilt Show has an episode with Bonnie and it is free until May 25th. Here is the info on Bonnie's blog:


I love her scrap system and use it.  Okay, I have LOTS of scraps and some of them are cut using the system.  ;)  I do have a few of her books and there are several quilts I want to sew up but I also love many of the freebies on her website.

Free Scrap Quilt Patterns...along the left hand side of her site:

 Okay, since I haven't had the time to do a big threads post, I will do them bit by bit.  People have been asking what threads I carry and their various uses.  I use mainly Superior Threads.  I like the company...they have wonderful quality and their customer service is amazing.
So Fine cone #516 Gondola Gold
I use this color a lot!

My favorite thread is 50 wt So Fine.

I carry the first 50 colors in the spool size (550 yds) and have almost all of the cones (3280 yds)...I add to the stock every month.  The spools are $5.95 and the cones are $16.90.  It is a fine, polyester thread with medium sheen, smooth and very clean.  I use it for machine quilting, piecing, regular sewing, hand sewing (it is GREAT for hand sewing bindings...it doesn't twist like cotton does) and for serging.  I wind up a few bobbins and put them on the serger instead of having to purchase several spools or cones.  Machine quilting with it is a breeze...I never have any problems.  And it is so clean and lint free that I don't have to worry about thread balls in the bobbin area.  It is also wonderful for hand applique and machine applique!  And I have also used it for heirloom sewing and for couching!

I like to quilt with it because it is so fine that it is an excellent compliment to my customers' quilt tops.  The quilting does not take over the design.  It is perfect for stitch in the ditch and for dense background quilting because it is so fine that the design does not look thready.  In the longarm I use either a 16 or 18 needle and in the sewing machine I use an 8.

And I use it in the bobbin when I use other threads on top.  For instance, with King Tut or any other variegated or thicker thread.  I find that it is easier to tension the threads when I use a finer thread in the bobbin and I don't get as many *pokies*.  When variegated thread is used in the top and bottom, sometimes you get pokies of colors you may not want to see on the top.  The So Fine in the bobbin in a medium color that matches the variegation on top helps to eliminate that.

And I have found that I can use it in the bobbin when I use monofilament thread on top.  Some people prefer a cotton in the bobbin as it sort of *catches* the monofilament thread and stitches better but I have never had a problem with using polyester thread in the bobbin.  It depends, of course, on the monofilament used.  Sometimes you just have to play around with different combos.

So there you go!  It is an awesome, dependable, high quality thread.  And a cone lasts a very long time!  :)

If you have any questions, just give me a holler.  And remember...I order the first week of every month so if there is a color that I do not have yet or is sold out, I will put it with my monthly order for you and you will save on shipping.

Just finished this quilt today:

The picture does not do it justice!  This is a gorgeous quilt.

You cannot see the quilting design but it is called Pretty Paisleys.  I really love this pattern.  I used a Violet machine embroidery thread for the quilting and it suits the quilt beautifully...just a bit of a sheen.

Pretty Paisley

Well, back to the machine.  Two blog posts in one week!   ;)

Enjoy the lovely weather!

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