Monday, November 25, 2013

Sales! Sales! Sales!

Since moving my Studio back home for now, it has been a *challenge* (to say the least!) to keep things organized since everything is everywhere!  LOL!  The addition to the house will start soon and we are busy clearing out the garage in preparation for that which means even MORE studio stuff is coming into the house for a few months.  But it will be worth it.  :)

Louis Littauer from Poland 
First of all, for those who love antique machines, I will be selling some of mine.  I just don't have the room here. will have to be patient with me as it has taken me a long time to be able to part with some of them.  I am a machine-a-holic.  ;)  One of the really old treadles is in the garage right now and I will be selling that one for sure.  We picked this one up in Poland, just over the border near Dresden where we lived.  It was in an old barn.  And he is gorgeous.  If you remember him in the store, he was in the front and usually had smocking displayed on the table.  The brand name is *Louis Littauer* (it is painted on the machine) and I have never heard of any other machine out there with that name.  His table is rustic, no drawers, but a very masculine appearance...especially in the iron legwork. I am asking $150.00 for him and if you want to come out and see him, just give me a call (307-745-3200)  He will be stored with the others in the storage container soon but I thought I would offer him now and if someone is interested then it is one less thing to move.

Now to the SalesAll fleece quilts, regularly $79.95, are on sale for $49.95.  They make a great Christmas gift and are easy care..just throw in the washer and dryer.  I have 3 Brown and Gold ones, a grey one, a red one (think Christmas!), a pink and green one, a light brown one and a baby pink one left.

And fleece fabric is 50% off!  Regular prices are $5.95 and $8.95.

Homespun Check Fabrics...$2.00 per yard....take it away....

Remember the Rag Rug Looms?  Half off!  I have two rug frames, two rug frame stands, and 3 placemat frames...and a bunch of hot pad size.  They are taking up space and I need them to go....oh, and I still have the books and dvd's to learn how.

(I am looking around here as I type and seeing what I can add here....)   LOL!

Oh!  Miniature Needle Punch!  Kits and the Needlepunch Tool... Half Off!

Rachels of Greenfield Kits and Primitive Gatherings Kits...half off...

Might as well sell off the Books, too.  Half off all books.

And DVD's...I still have some of those (quilting dvd's) and some Patsy Thompson patterns and stencils...a few of those left.  Half off.

I still have some machine embroidered pillows, here, and some little ornies.  The pillows are $29.95 and I will sell them for $19.95...the little ornies can be thrown in for good measure.  ;)

Honestly, I cannot see for lookin' around here....

More Gift Ideas...Cherry Pit Bags Click Here! 

As I go through things I will do more blog posts.  Eventually I will get the Etsy Shop going again...I know I keep saying that but, honestly, the machine quilting customers are keeping me really busy.  Love my customers.  :)

If you are interested in any of these things and want to come out, just give me a call 307-745-3200 or shoot me an email

Talk soon.

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