Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

It will be a quiet day at the Michalak's...we will rest and relax and watch movies and I will do some handwork.  In the afternoon I will cook.  This year I am going to try a Rustic Apple Pie and it has dried cranberries and pecans in it...and will top it with French Vanilla ice cream (my favorite!).  And...caramel sauce!  The recipe does not call for it but apple pie needs caramel sauce.  ;)  Our preferred dish for holidays is Chicken Benedict, a ridiculously easy dish to make that tastes wonderful.  You note that I mentioned dessert first.  ;)

And I will count my blessings.  :)

Please enjoy this card:
Happy Thanksgiving Card!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Jude!

    And you need to share your recipes please :)

  2. Remind me to do a post on the recipes, Karen! Happy belated Thanksgiving to you. :)