Friday, November 8, 2013

Downton Abbey Mystery Quilt!

And YES, I have signed up!  Actually, I signed up for a kit on Ebony's Etsy shop but I think they are pretty much sold out.  But you can get the fabrics at quilt shops.  I am doing the Lady Mary colorway.  :)  Not a clue what it actually is but I like her character.

I love this quote from Ebony's blog:

What if I’ve never seen Downton Abbey?

Oh, honey.  You poor deprived creature.  You should start watching now.  Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, your local library, a good friend – all good options.  Just no more excuses, okay? It’s one of the best series on television, and even if you think you’re not into period dramas, this one is worth watching.  Start with Series 1, Episode 1, so you don’t get confused.  You can watch the whole thing in a weekend.

Rudi and I watched the the whole series again a few weeks ago and I cried.  Again.  :)

If anyone wants to join me perhaps we can have some get-togethers!

Warm Regards,

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