Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Embroidery Block of the Month

Now...I rarely finish anything.  Too busy with customer quilts and there is ALWAYS some other quilty thing I want to do.  Quilters understand.  ;)

So, when I saw that Primitive Gatherings was offering an Embroidery Banner of the Month I thought I might be able to manage to finish a banner a month, for goodness sakes.  ;)  (Okay, so I finish the embroidery but I haven't found the time to put the borders on them).  BUT I have decided that I want to make them all into a quilt anyway.  With the Studio being home, now, I just don't have the room for monthly banners.  They would get *lost*.
For now I do the embroidery at night while watching tv and it is a change from the constant sock knitting that I do.

The embroidery kit comes in the mail every month and all the fabrics are included.  The thread (Sulky 12wt - black) came with the first kit.  Now...I despise prep work.  Hate it with a passion.  Hate marking and stuff.  So when I heard about the embroidery method using Sulky Sticky Fabri Solvy, I jumped at it!  I scan the pattern and print it onto the Fabric Solvy sheet, slap it down on the background fabric (it sticks!), hoop it all and just start stitching right through it!  It dissolves away in water when the embroidery is finished.  Done.  No marking.  No *oopsie* markings showing where I have mis-stitched.  Love it.  I do baste the Fabri Solvy sheet in place around the edges, though, because with the hooping I don't want it to shift.  Works great.

This is October's...just finished and before soaking in the sink to remove the Sticky Fabri Solvy.
And these are the finished August and September Embroideries.  Well, the embroidery is finished....  ;)
*** The needle does get some sticky stuff on it as I embroider but I just swipe it across my little box of  Thread Heaven from time to time and it just slides right through the fabric after that.  You could also use beeswax or anything else you use for hand quilting and hand stitching, etc., to make the needle and thread glide.

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