Friday, October 4, 2013

And on a Quilty Note..Blue Line Eraser!

My new most favorite quilting tool!

Blue Line Eraser!

BLE - 3 Piece KitThree Piece Kit!  <click here>

I love this stuff!  It really takes the water soluble blue lines out.  This kit has a water soluble blue marker in it which has a nice, fine point, a spray bottle of *magic* remover liquid and a refillable pen which you fill with the liquid and you run the point along your blue line marks and it erases the marker immediately.

I use the refillable pen for marked lines and dots, etc., as it pinpoints the remover liquid right where I need it.  And I use the spray when I want to remove an area that has lots of markings on it.

I carry it here at Bobbins 'n Threads but you can also get it on the Blue Line Eraser site:

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