Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What's New this Month!

First of all, there is going to be a Second Most Beautiful Child in the World.  And Nana does the nursery so here are the fabrics so far:

Riley Blake's Woodland Tails
 I had decided that this year I would start to concentrate on getting some hand embroidery things in.  Not fine hand embroidery, but redwork type, and I have started getting delivery of some things.  We have some Bird Brain Designs patterns as well as some balls of DMC #8 Perle Cotton.  The colors I have chosen, so far, are the ones that are used in the Bird Brain Patterns and it is a start.  I also have basic white and ecru.  I like using the Perle Cotton for beginning bobbinlace things, as well, and for big stitch quilting.  Some #4 Crewel needles are here, a bit has been back ordered, as well as a few of the perle cotton colors, but they will come in eventually.

There are a few 7" Morgan hoops here, some red and brown Pigma Pens which Bird Brain Designs uses for tracing out the patterns.  Brilliant concept. The embroidered lines will look totally filled in.  Since a few of us have *maturing* eyes, little bits of fabric in between stitches will be eliminated using the pens to trace the design.  Another method they use is printing the design on Sticky Fabri-Solvy!  For those of *us* who hate prep work and marking, you can run the stabilizer through the printer, scanning the pattern first, and printing the embroidery pattern right on the stabilizer, sticking it to the fabric or tea towel and embroider right through it.  Then you wash it away.  Love it!  We carry the stabilize on the bolt.

Take a look here:

Some really neat Embroidery Pocket Guides came in.  I really like these little guides and I think they are a useful reminder of the various embroidery stitches.

More Dunroven House Tea Towels are here as well as some white aprons.  I love the quality of both.  And they can be machine embroidered and hand embroidered.  Or not embroidered at all!  LOL!

And I got in some more Rachel's of Greenfield Kits.  I love these kits because everything is in them..including the batting.  And they are just so cute!  Instant gratification.

 The quilty jewellery is a bit hit!  I cannot believe the workmanship in these pendants, pins, bracelets and earrings.  Tiny, tiny paper pieced quilt blocks encased in glass.  A treasure, that is for sure!

One of my favorite tools is the Soft Touch Fabric Pick.  As a longarm quilter I often have to deal with straying dark threads that show underneath light background fabrics.  After quilting, I use this very fine hook (like a crochet hook) by poking it through the fabric, catching the thread and pulling it out.  Very handy.  And it does not damage the fabric as it is SO fine.  I have a few in stock now.

Some more fleece is coming in this week and that will top up some of the colors that have sold out.

So, I have had a busy week..pricing and finding room for all these goodies.

So much fun!  :)

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