Wednesday, August 24, 2011's been awhile.... ;)

But we have had the most GLORIOUS summer here in Laramie! Last month, we went back home to Canada to visit family and had a lovely visit with The Most Beautiful Child In The World and his mommy and daddy. Then it was back home to the Studio and work, work, work. :) The quilting is coming in regularly and I have been busy smocking and ordering threads, etc. We are carrying the full line of Glide mini cones, now. Glide is a 40wt trilobal polyester that is wonderful for machine embroidery but I also use it for machine quilting! It adds an amazing sheen to the quilting, it is strong and soft and a pleasure to use. I often use the gold colors instead of metallic threads!

And, along with the Glide threads, I stocked up on Superior So Fine and King Tut cones.  We carry the first 50 of both the cones and the spools and have about half of the next 50 now too!

And I have been busy smocking!  This is the finished Baptismal set that was specially ordered for a darling baby girl.  I enjoyed every minute of this project.  It is a full length smocked bishop, with a full slip (with lace!) underneath and a sweet little bonnet.  I love doing Baptismal outfits.  :)

And...The Most Beautiful Child in The World *needed* a Spiderman Quilt....

Quinn is so funny.  I called him *sweetheart* and *Quinny* and *honey*, of course.  And each time, he informed me that he was *Superman* or *Iron Man* or whatever *man* he was that day, according to the t-shirt he was wearing.

I could eat that kid up!  :)

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