Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Downtown Laramie businesses did Trick or Treat-ing for 2 hours yesterday. Now...I had been told that there would be a lot..upwards of 700 or so..but didn't believe there would be that many. After all, there are all kinds of Halloween activities for kids here, which I think is awesome. I would rather children do a daytime Halloween thing than go out at night. I was AMAZED at how many kids swooped in!

Anyhow, the Professor is German and when he was growing up Trick or Treat-ing was not a *thing* and since we have been in the States he has not really *experienced* tons of kids coming to the house for Halloween. Well.....I made him stand outside with the bag of candy and *experience* it. ;)

Honestly, I was amazed at how many kids came! Okay, it probably helped that my studio is next door to the Chocolate Cellar and everyone would know that they would get good candy there...after all, they are a CANDY SHOP! LOL! And even though I purchased a LOT of candy, we were empty after 3/4 hour. I swear there must have been more than 700 kids that trooped down the streets within those 2 hours. And the costumes were so cute... :o)

And the children were so polite. Loved it. All these little voices chiming, "Trick or Treeeeat" and then the "Thank you!" was just a lovely experience. :o)

Sweet Pickles, next door...a children's shop.

The Chocolate Cellar..on the other side of our Studio.

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