Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where Did Summer Go???

Okay, I have been *busy* but holy smokes! I hurried up and took some pictures of the garden before the snow flies. When we moved here the garden was very sparse and pretty much non existent, come to think of it. The one corner had some stuff in it but we have worked at it every year since. This year, we have noticed that it is almost getting overgrown! LOL! Probably because of neglect. ;)

Our goal is to eventually get rid of all the grass as it burns and dries out in the strong sunshine anyway.

This is the little cherry tree that we have been babying..the top died after the first year but I leave it there because the hummingbirds like to sit on the dead branch. We put a feeder there in June and July but had very little hummingbird activity this year, though.

This is by our bedroom window. There is a honeysuckle and a lilac bush there that both grew very much this year. And we finally got some hollyhocks to grow past one year. Okay, two out of four that were planted is pretty good for us. The plant pot full of flowers was a surprise...we winter the pots in the garage and this spring found all this stuff growing back. Petunias! That are supposed to be annuals... ;) I didn't have to buy any plants for the pots this year. LOL!

This spring, before I even thought of opening a store, I finally got my little raised garden at the end of the patio. Our yard is very long and narrow and at the end of the patio was two feet of *nothing* and I got sick of staring at the fence. Not that I can see much of it, now, as the birds *contribute* every year to the flowers by dropping sunflower seeds. They are GORGEOUS this year! The picture does not do the sunflowers justice...they truly shine in the sunlight. :o)

And then there is the *mystery* plant....growing in the middle of some weeds by the trap door leading to the crawl space. All of a sudden it was just THERE! I will have to get a picture of the blossom when it is open. You sort of looks like a morninglory on steroids....

It is HUGE! Anyone know what it is???

Oh, and to clarify (in case anyone thinks I don't have *time* to weed...) ;) .... I let weeds grow until I see what type of flower they produce. Some of the weeds here in Wyoming are GORGEOUS! :o)


  1. Hi Jude!

    Your mysterious plant is common old jimson weed. It is a hallucinogenic, grin - Google it. It's everywhere in the US; I have some on the south side of my house because the bees love it so and I love the flowers.

    Hope all is well with your grandson/family and hobbies!

    Thinking of you,

  2. Hi Jude, I've lost contact with you but happened to notice you were on my blog favorites. It's great seeing your new shop! and hope that things are going well for you.