Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back From Handiquilter Training!

And we had a great time...learned a lot and met some wonderful people. When I decided to become a Handiquilter representative it was not only because the product was good but because the customer service was amazing. For the past few months they have been consistently wonderful and meeting them all in person was fun! And they are still consistently wonderful...friendly...helpful...encouraging...and very patient! LOL!

This has NOT been my experience with companies in the past and I have been sensitive to any changes in the customer service after purchasing and working with HQ for a few months. I am delighted to report that I have not been disappointed with their customer service and I am so glad I agreed to work with them. :o) It makes my job so much easier as I strive to provide my own customers with quality customer care and encouragement.

The HQ building is quite amazing..filled with quilts and machines! We toured the factory part and we were able to see the degree of quality control that is given to each machine before it goes out the door. Yes, EVERY machine is tested. For hours.

The Professor took the technical training so we are all set to provide our customers with cleaning and maintenance services as well as setting up the systems. I got to play on the machines. ;)

And I do have to say that I am champing at the bit to get in a Fusion and a Pro Stitcher! We spent one whole day on the setting up of the Pro Stitcher computer and worked with it for hours. What fun! I can see that adding a computer to my Avante would sure save me time on all the panto quilting I do, right from the get go! Soon.... ;)

So! That was our week. Utah is beautiful and I am so glad we got to visit yet another wonderful State. It is back to the shop this week and the Prof started the new semester yesterday so I guess that autumn is on the horizon.

Where did the summer go???

This is a picture of the classroom. We spent all 3 days in there...from 8am until 5 pm. They kept our energy up with lots of snacks. ;)

And they provided an amazing lunch every day! I am happy to report I only gained 2 pounds that week. Luckily.

Back to Curves this week....

I was very good and only purchased one thing at a wonderful quilt shop there, Quilters Haven. I saw the quilt hanging in the shop and *had* to have the kit. And didn't know it had been featured, along with the shop, in the Quilt Sampler magazine! The fabrics are washed and all ready to me to cut. In my spare time. ;) (you don't want to know how many kits are stacked and waiting for me to work on *in my spare time*) ;)

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