Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Shop is Finally Open....okay, it has been open for weeks now...

...but I am finally on the computer to update my blog! Things have been very, very busy and the shop has been very well received and I am *planting seeds* right, left and center. With the tourist season gearing down now, I thought I would have a breather but my Grand Opening starts this week and Handiquilter is sending their truck and doing a Truckload Sale for me!

Beccie is finishing the sign on the door :o)
The front of the shop with the wonderful stained glass windows..retail threads and battings on the left and the cutting table and quilting threads on the right. The front of the shop has finished goods for sale as well as some antiques and such from Miss Etta's downstairs. It is a small shop but really lovely.
A closer look at the antique quilts, baby quilts and smocking.
Closer look at some of the threads, books & dvds...all specializing in machine quilting.
The back of the shop...a hard working area! Note the lovely stained glass window that Peggy from Miss Etta's placed at the back window. It adds such a pretty touch. :o)
...the office area to the right of the back...where I can webcam with my Daughter and The Most Beautiful Child In The World. And do paperwork, of course. ;)
My hard working Prodigy :o)
The HQ Sixteen Sit Down System...and my first sale! :o) Note the adjoining door that leads to the Chocolate shop next door. ;)

The Avante!
A very tired but very excited new shop owner. :o)
And....ourselves. :o) Rudi has his own chair.
These pictures were taken when the shop first opened at the end of June (has it been that long already???!!!) and it is still a work in progress but coming along. We have added a few more things and prettied up the thread and batting display area with a flowered valance and put several antique sewing machine heads on top. I would take some pictures but cannot find the camera.... ;)


  1. Where are you? Your shop looks delightful.

  2. It look wonderful Jude, congratulations!

  3. Thanks! The shop is in Laramie and I will get the blog more up-to-date soon. Okay...I am lucky I got that blurb posted as I *should* be doing bookwork instead. ;) The shop is located in downtown Laramie, WY

  4. the shop looks good. congratulations!

  5. The shop looks great, dont forget to check out the HQ Truckload sale still on today.

  6. You can find the shop with this Google Maps link,+WY+82070&sll=41.31214,-105.595836&sspn=0.006761,0.013937&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=115+E+Ivinson+Ave,+Laramie,+Albany,+Wyoming+82070&t=h&z=17