Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Haven't Posted in Waaaaayyyyyy Too Long!

It has been a very busy (and stressful) month with trying to get the store up and running...still not in there due to renovation issues with the shop the current renter is moving to so things have been delayed for yet another week. My dining room is a mess of boxes and threads and battings and books and I don't look forward to another week of living with it but such is the challenge of moving a studio. :o)

Thanks to a very supportive husband and incredible friends I am actually going through with this and will get moved in there and hope to be an asset to the quilting world in this area. And then there are days when I wonder why I am putting myself through this again. ;)

But I want to be up to the challenge and to come full circle in my life, yet again. Here is the shop as it looks, currently. It is a knitting shop and she will be moving two doors down. Miss Etta's is the artisan's co-op that I belong to so it will be lovely to be in the same building. :o)

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