Wednesday, June 3, 2009


No, not the exercise kind...I am allergic to exercise. ;)

I have this wonderful, talented, beautiful daughter and I taught her to knit last summer while she was pregnant with the most beautiful child in the world. (seriously...he is)

She decided she would love to learn how to spin and wanted a drop spindle for her birthday. I got her one from
They also have an Etsy shop.

Well! My child is up and running (or rather...spinning) with this stuff and she kept *sharing* all of the fibers she was getting and using and sending url's for this shop and that shop and I caved in. I also got a spindle kit from Mainewoods. I cannot say I am really good at it, yet, but I will get there.

So! I was in our local knitting shop and what does Lori have on her countertop? A For Sale sign for a used Ashford Joy travelling spinning an amazing price. So, I hummed and hawed and my hubby *talked* me into it as it really was an amazing price and he knows me. I would not be stopping at a drop spindle. (how does he know this, do you think....)

Yes, I got it. It is in perfect shape. am not good at using it. I figured it would be a piece of cake as I have treadle sewing machines. But it is NOT a treadle sewing machine. I keep overspinning my yarn and getting all messed up with directions and such. Granted, I only tried it out for an hour this morning...

But I will get there.
In my spare time. ;)

Oh! And my daughter picked up her own travelling spinning wheel... a Kromski Sonata (pretty..pretty!) and I am sure she is spinning up a storm with ALL the wonderful fibers she also got.

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  1. Oh, a Joy! Way to go! Did the carrying case come with it?