Sunday, June 14, 2009

So Hooked...

Last week I used my new-to-me spinning wheel and spun my first useable yarn on it. Okay, it is *sorta* useable...the colours are pretty and I will be happy if it doesn't fall apart on me when I try to knit something out of it. ;)

The ball in the center is my first is a "single". The skinny skein is my first "plying" and I find it endearing. How can yarn be endearing...I guess because I made it! It hasn't been washed, yet. I'm scared to. There are so many thicker bits in it that I am afraid it will pull apart. But this effort was enough to hook me good.

I also won a Phatfiber box this morning! Lots of fluffies will be coming my way, probably this week. And then I will play to my heart's content. Oh...after I get some quilting SO behind. :o)

I also *need* more fiber to spin so will go now and do some online shopping. :o)
Tomorrow I will quilt. ;)


  1. Mom, something like that would make an awesome scarf...or mittens! You'd need more...and like you were told, enjoy the thick and thin now, for when you master lace weight, you will have one hell of a time going back to thick.

    I'm proud of you!!

  2. Jude, this is excellent spinning. You are going to love the way that it looks knitted up.