Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have been quilting for *forever* and enjoy it to no end. And I have been a member of MQ Resource for several months now and the inspiration I get from these ladies and gents is...well...inspiring! LOL! For instance, I love my Innova and I love doing pantos. The reason I love doing pantos is that I don't have to agonize over design decisions. And I seem to have really good hand/eye coordination. I LOVE doing pantos! I love the texture...I love the curves and swirls and the flow. But, my goodness, the quilting that is shown at MQ Resource is awe inspiring...and I really want to be much better!

So! I started quilting a QOV project from Alycia in Colorado. It is on the frame now. I had decided I was going to do a hearts and loops panto but when I saw the cute panel in the center of the quilt I debated whether or not to dive in and actually use a RULER and do a bit of custom. Well, over the weekend I decided to do so. Yes, it will not be perfect...(and it isn't! LOL!). BUT...I figured that since the recipient had risked his/her life in protecting this adopted country of mine, I SURELY can dive in and get out of my secure *quilty* box! So...I did. :o) And it was actually fun! :o)

And....I am doing the panto in the rest of the quilt....as I go. That means stopping and starting and marking and watching very carefully that I don't quilt into the center panel but I like that sort of thing.

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