Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dogs and Bones

Okay...so we have these two dogs...Daisy and Robbie. Daisy is a miniature Schnauzer that we rescued from a disgusting kennel in Berlin, Germany and she came over with us when we moved to the States 6 years ago. She thinks she is a big dog. And she is SO neurotic. But we love her to bits.

Robbie is a Golden Retriever that someone here was giving away, 2 years ago, and since I had had a Golden back in Canada several years ago, well....I had to give him a home. He is also neurotic. And has horrid seizures. And thinks he is a lap dog.
Anyhow, this weekend we gave them some beef bones (they are raw-fed dogs) and usually we have to place one at one end of the room and one at the other end. Otherwise, Daisy will continue to harass Robbie to steal his bone. Because she is Alpha Dog. It is actually funny to see this little 12 lb. doggie rule this 65 lb. hunk of a dog.
However...yesterday I caught them at the patio door...with their bones...and almost touching! Shock. :o)

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  1. aren't they wonderful to have and share a home with! We have two rescue guys, also, and I couldn't imagine being without them! Both nuts, one is very very OCD. ( the nutty one with OCD is a Schnauzer mix! )
    thanks for sharing