Friday, January 9, 2009


For once, I have actually finished something in good time! This is the finished Mytery Quilt 09 and it is hanging on my quilting room wall. Since this was my first time doing feathers (been too chicken till now), they are far from perfect and since I am a perfectionist, sorta, it is difficult for me not to *fix* all the mistakes in the quilt ( side of a feather being upside down...). But! I am NOT going to fix it...I am going to leave it as a testimony to myself that I can let things be AND to show myself how far I will have come in a year or so...or three....

I did enjoy the format of this mystery and look forward to many more Cindy Roth teachings.

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  1. Good for you!!! And it turned out beautiful! You have really been busy!! I still need to finish mine, but have been working on house things instead.