Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Online Shop!

I know, I know it has been forever.  But I have been busy.  ;)

But I plan to be more active in blogging as I have a new endeavor and want to share.  Bobbins 'n Threads has an online shop now, specializing in Double Gauze Fabrics.  I have fallen in love with Big Stitch hand quilting the past year and especially on Shannon Fabrics Embrace 100% Cotton Double Gauze.  I like this for quilting because it has a grid on it and I can just follow the lines...those who know me know I hate prep work...I just layer, pop in a frame and quilt!

I have several bolts in the the Studio and online and just got my shipment of needles and some notions...ones that I like to use.  I still have to decide on what brand of perle cotton #8 thread I will get in, DMC or Presencia.  But that decision will be made in the next day or so.

And I will have kits available. Everything included...two pieces of double gauze, needles, batting and perle cotton.  Everything but the binding.  You can dive right in!  And I hope to post tutorials.

The little quilts I have done are so cuddly and quilty...the feel of an old quilt.  And I am still experimenting.  I have machine quilted it for a customer and that is what got me started taking a good look at it as a quilting medium.  Both machine and hand quilting.

I love the stuff!  I had made swaddles for my grandbabies a few years ago and my favorite cloth diapers were made from gauze *way back when*.  I had a gauze shirt and skirt that I loved and now will be exploring all kinds of uses for it.  It has become very popular for baby blankets, swaddles, burp cloths and clothing.  And it is so soft as it is 100% cotton and not the scratchy cotton and poly blend.

Anyhow, here is the URL of the shop:
www.bobbinsnthreads.com and check out the pretty new logo!

A few pictures:

The very first baby quilt..double gauze, cotton batting, perle cotton #8

All cozy and cuddly straight from the washer and drier. 

The newest one..trying to take pictures as I go for tutorials.
And this is what started it all...a customer quilt...double gauze, cotton batting and it was either fleece or minky on the back.  It quilted up beautifully.
And it is not just for baby quilts...I will be piecing two lengths of it soon and loading it on one of the machines and experimenting with straight lines of different colors of thread.  I have a lot of solid colors in stock as it is not just for babies.  I have also discovered *Kantha* quilts and would love to start doing something similar.  Out of gauze and not saris.  It is truly just mindless big stitches or you can be as intricate as you want.

And speaking of machine quilting..yes, I have continued to be very busy.  I am not going to post all the quilts that have been finished in the past year (gulp), but will start with July.  Those on Facebook can see the Customer Quilts in the Photos  (click here)

That's it for now..quilts are waiting to be quilted.  Hasn't it been a lovely summer!

More soon!


  1. I have never used gauze before!! Looking forward to your tutorial!!

    1. I hope to get some pictures on the store soon. Thank you! :)