Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My goodness it has been busy days here.  The Studio is finished and quilts have been coming in.  I am still finding the best way for my work flow and that will still take some time but I am as happy as can be up in my new room.
I will be listing a lot of things for sale soon.  All the kits and patterns and books, the fleece fabric, the homespun, etc., need to move out of here.  So stay tuned!  As soon as I find some time I will take pictures and list the things and send out a blog post with it all.   It will be a time limited sale and will be available for a week or so and then I will either list the things on Etsy or donate it...depends on what is left. 
Have a wonderful day and enjoy the bit of balmy weather we have today!

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