Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Free Shipping!

Okay...another essential oils post but free shipping is a great thing.  ;)  Within the States AND Canada! (attention my Canadian family and friends....)

This is a great time to order some essential oils that you want to try.  Especially, the Essential Oil 4 Pack.  With free shipping AND by using the coupon code:  BOBBINS at checkout, you can have this pack for under $20.00.  I will be stocking up on some oils...especially the Respire and Dream.  I have been using a lot of these lately.  With all the construction going on here and all the dust that is everywhere, I am really feeling it in my chest.  The Respire in the diffuser and the Cold & Chest Salve that I make has actually kept things under control and I am so pleased.

This pack along with some Fractionated Coconut Oil (also at Spark Naturals) is a great start!

On the home front, construction is pretty much finished on the new studio.  There are a bunch of little things that need to be finished, like trim and the bathroom stuff and touchup painting, but we are almost there!  The carpet has been delayed because of the weather out east but once that is down we can see the end of the tunnel!  :)

On a quilty note...here is the latest quilt on the frame!  It might be finished today.  Isn't it a gorgeous thing!  All batiks.  :)

And it is a perfect day for making bread.  I do the No Knead bread quite a bit but this one is even easier!  No waiting overnight.

English Muffin Bread <click here>

Honestly...this bread makes the BEST toast!  I have it rising right now and I will be popping it into the oven this afternoon.  It takes just a minute to mix up, then it is plopped into a bread pan, let it rise for a few hours and then bake it.  Oh, and I only do one loaf at a time (I only have one bread pan) so I just quarter the amounts.

Well, back to the quilt!  Don't forget to enter the free giveaway from the previous post!

Share the Love Giveaway! <click here>

Or, just click on the picture of the giveaway on the right hand side of this page.  :)

Stay warm!

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