Friday, January 24, 2014

Getting Doors Today!

I don't have a picture yet but the door leading to the garage has been put in and now they are working on the pocket door in the kitchen.  And, apparently, the flooring and the carpet is being laid next week.  There is also some pounding going on upstairs but I don't know what they are doing...

***UPDATE:  It's the siding!!!!   :)

This morning I made salves and hand cream. We are low on the Cough & Chest Salve and the Dreamy Sleep Salve so I made another jelly jar of them as well as an LLP Salve (lavender, lemon and peppermint) which is a great antihistamine.  I use LLP essential oil twice daily on my feet, mixed with fractionated coconut oil in a roller ball, and it is a good immune booster as well as a headache relief...depending on the type of headache.  I will use the LLP salve for skin irritations.

And I made some jars of the wonderful hand cream! (that is the white jar in the picture).  Love this stuff.  Remember, if you want to try it, bring me a little container and I will scoop you a dollop to try.  I have priced out the makings and will be selling it in a 4oz jelly jar for $5.00.  And you can bring the jar back to refill.

Oh!  Speaking of Essential Oils...
peppermintThe painting of the studio was hard on me as the fumes make me really sick.  I could feel the headache coming on and some nausea and a kind friend suggested I diffuse straight peppermint.  So, I put 6 drops in my diffuser and within minutes the nausea was gone!  And I could not smell the paint fumes anymore.  I was stunned.  The headache did not get worse and my chest was just fine.  The more I learn and use these oils, the more thrilled I am to have them.  I use a lot of peppermint, actually.  It is great for headaches, for tummy issues (I rub it, diluted with oil, on my tummy when I am bloated), and just for a burst of freshness in my environment.

Actually, I just got my email reminder that the Oil of the Month (which I subscribe to) is Peppermint!  Good thing, as I am low.  The Oil of the Month Club is a really good way to get in oils at a reasonable price and to try oils out and the shipping is included in the price.  Just to let you know.

Finished two more customer quilts this week and still have two more to go.  I figure I will get one finished (maybe both!) before we move the machine upstairs.  I am getting really excited for the move and to get my house back in order.  My year end inventory is!  :)

And in my delivery the other day I received some bobbin boxes that are made by Handi Quilter.  As a longarmer, I am always short of bobbins for my machine.  I try to re-use the thread on the bobbins and even though I *think* I will remember exactly what color the thread is on them, I don't.  ;)

So, one method I have used is to write the color number on a paper reinforcement circle (remember those?) and put it around the hole in the fits perfectly.   But I found that the number would rub off really quickly.  That, and I was always in so much of a hurry that I would neglect to number the bobbin.  And figured I would *remember* what color it was...the old story...

Box of bobbins (mess)

Bag of bobbins (mess)

Well...I have a plan.  I have a few of the Handi Quilter bobbin boxes here, now, and I cut out a rectangle of white paper to put on the bottom.  The sections are made out of a piece of foam and it lifts right out.  I used a pencil and put the thread number in a section and popped the bobbin in.  Let's see how that works. 

They retail for $9.95 if you are interested.  When I was doing my inventory, and it was a chore since everything is everywhere and I am still not sure where some things are, I found all kinds of things that I need to sell.  Once I get a break I will get that Etsy shop I keep talking about up and going.

There are just not enough hours in the day!

Warm Regards,

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