Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year! And the saga of the Louis Littauer.

Well...it certainly has been an action-packed 2013 in the Michalak household but we are looking forward to a wonderful 2014! 
I will take this time to thank my family, friends and customers for their continued support of this little business that has my heart.  I am so grateful for you all.  :)

On a quilty note, I will be resuming quilting for customers mid-January.  It has been nice to take a few weeks off and let my back settle down.  With all this moving of stuff into the container and into the house and trying to make room for things because of the construction, my body has let me know that I am not that young anymore.  LOL!  So, I have been taking a break.

Now...a great story...

Remember the antique machine I had posted for sale a few blog posts ago?  The Louis Littauer?  Well, I got a phone call from a young man in New Mexico who has the last name of Littauer and he had been looking for a few years for a Littauer sewing machine!  I have gotten the greatest pleasure in not only meeting him but in being a part of his family history, now, by having had this machine in my possession.  We had purchased it when we lived in Dresden, it was an ebay purchase, and we picked it up on the border of East Germany and Poland.  And brought it over to America with us, along with the few dozen other machines.  ;)

He is such a handsome machine...rather large and beautifully decorated.  Rather masculine, I always thought.  So...Louis has a new home, with his family.  I knew that he was a rare machine and I am just tickled that an internet search for this machine allowed Blake to find a machine that is a link to his family genealogy.

The Legs of the Littauer

And he has a perfect domed lid...no spindle holes!

Blake Littauer (and me)

Bye Bye, Louis!  :)


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