Sunday, September 22, 2013

Business Location News...

In May, I took a respiratory reaction to the things in the building my Studio was in.  So, from one day to the next, I had to move out.  And so....the Studio came home for now.  Options are still open for what we will do but for now everything is piled into my home.  It is actually working out very well, although I had to store one quilting machine in the garage as it just wouldn't fit.  So, I am doing all my quilting on my amazing Avante and Studio Frame and I am SO GLAD I had also invested in a Pro Stitcher.  The Sweet 16 Sit Down System is also here.  I am still showing and selling Handi Quilter machines and it has been so nice to have people come by and see them. And there have been a few purchases as well, for which I am very thankful.  :) 

My Barn Quilt on the house!

I also still have all my retail!  Threads, Battings, Notions, Kits, Embroidery and Smocking is all here and I will soon re-open my Etsy store to sell some things.  There is also a fair bit of finished goods retail that I will put on there, so stay tuned!
My customer quilting is still going strong and it has been steady since the beginning of the year.  You can always see what I am up to on my Facebook Page - Bobbins 'n Threads.

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