Friday, February 11, 2011

Early Morning

I really like coming into the studio before the other businesses on the street are open. There is a stillness here and I spend the time doing my emails, cleaning up the threads on the carpet, straightening up this and that and just musing. I had taken some photos of the studio in December and thought I might post some here...and because I have a new camera and need to see if I can download the pictures without losing them. ;)

Here are the Handiquiter machines for the renters and they are also my demos for potential sales. I love Handiquilter quilting systems and I really love dealing with the company. They offer the most amazing customer service!

And this is the hardest-working area of the studio! This is where I quilt for customers on my personal quilting system. This is the back of the studio and the doorway is the teensy bathroom.

Here is the retail area of the studio...lots of threads, books & dvds on machine quilting...packaged battings...I also have rolls of battings under the quilting frames.

This is the middle of the studio.

And...looking towards the can see the Janome machines here...and the fleece. I do a lot of two-sided quilted fleece throws.
And the front of the store. It was a snowy, cold day!

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