Sunday, October 17, 2010

If I Can Do It... it was *colonoscopy* time. I have a family history that warrants screening as well as my own *challenges* and the 5 years were up. And since I have been having a fair bit of pain as well as fatigue for the past 6 weeks or so, the doctor insisted that *now is the time*.

Colonoscopies are not my favorite thing to go through. Especially since I tend to wake up in the middle of them with searing pain. This one was scheduled at the hospital here in Laramie and I was very vocal (translation...*panicky*...) about my waking-up-problem and was assured that they would take especial care. And they did. I have to say that this procedure, done here in Laramie, was actually a good experience...if a colonoscopy could be considered in any way, shape or form a good experience...

But, truly, the nurses were incredibly caring and friendly, the doctor was wonderful and the nurse who *put me out* actually stroked my hair and talked to me as I went to sleep. I did not have one moment of discomfort nor did I feel my dignity was compromised. At all. And...I didn't wake up in the middle of it. :o)

Anyhow...the purpose of this blog is to address the very worse part of the whole thing. The prep. This is the first time I had to take so much *stuff*. I had to take 2 Dulcolax and then a Reglan and 1-1/2 bottles of Magnesium Citrate...starting at 4pm. Unfortunately we had a power outage after I took the Dulcolax and Reglan and I had to scramble to find candles for the bathroom because we all know that there would be many hours of *bathroom* time coming and I had a really good book...

The Magnesium Citrate was a bear to get down. I mixed it with Sprite and made it nice and cold, as I was advised. But there was so much of it! And I kept throwing up foam. It truly was torture for me. Since I had to drink the other 1-1/2 bottles the next morning, 4 hours before the procedure, you can imagine how I was dreading this. And since I had a whole night to *ponder* this dilemma, I came to the conclusion that it was the thick, overwhelming sickly sweet/citrus taste that was making me ill...even diluted.

So, the next morning I divided the vile stuff into 3 large glasses. Then I added a good glug of Gatorade. Incidentally, I cannot stomach Gatorade either but the advantage to it was how it seemed to *cut* the citrus in the magnesium citrate. I took a deep breath and downed the stuff in 7 gulps and BEFORE BREATHING, I filled my mouth with hot, black tea. And that was the trick! The tea seemed to cut the citrus enough so that when I finally did breath I didn't have that vile taste in my mouth and I didn't gag!!!

I waited 10 minutes then did the same thing with the 2nd glass. Then the 3rd. Okay, to be honest, I couldn't get the last bit of the 3rd glass down and knew I was in trouble because my throat was starting to close in rebellion but I got enough of it down and called it good.


I hope this will help some of you who are dreading the whole procedure because of the nasty prep. Okay, it isn't the most wonderful thing to go through but it IS a necessity for those of us with issues and family histories.

And I encourage you to get it done.

On a personal note, they did get the end of my colon this time (which they hadn't been able to do before..not sure why...didn't ask...) and the good news is that there are no polyps this time! YAY! But they did find a small *swelling* and it was taken out and has been sent to the lab. We will know by mid week, I expect, if all is well.

I am optimistic. But have to admit that I am making deals with God. ;)

And thanks to all the friends and colleagues who have been so supportive and helpful the past few weeks. You rock. :o)

And to my hubby who assures me that, even though I was wheeled back to my room with a very goofy smile on my face, I absolutely did NOT say or do anything *stupid* when the doctor came in afterwards to give his report. Not that I remember anything, mind you...

Honey, you ARE my rock. :o)

UPDATE, Tuesday the 19th: Doctor just called....biopsy was clear, no malignancy and no pre-cancerous cells. Whew! Very relieved. :o)

GET YOUR COLONOSCOPIES! (Sherry, you know I am talking to you....) ;)

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