Friday, April 2, 2010

Sock Monkeys...yes...more Sock Monkeys...

I really don't like making stuffed animals. But people really like Sock Monkeys around here! And I have been putting off doing some more. So...yesterday we had a power outage for 6 hours. And it was freezing cold and blizzardy and I am not one to sit and do nothing and since there was no power....

I opened up the blinds and got as much light into my sewing room as I could and bit the bullet and cut out some of the little critters. No...I haven't started sewing them yet.... ;)

And...I also went through all the machine quilting magazines that have been sitting piled up on the dining room table waiting for me to go through and organize quilting ideas in my binders. They have been there for over a month...

But I did it. Sitting with a quilt wrapped around my legs and a sweatshirt as well as my dh's heaviest sweater on and a winter hat. He came by at one point with a LARGE Starbucks as I was dying for a hot drink. But didn't stick around as he was giving exams. There was power at the university! The man is no fool. ;)

And more sock monkey fabric came in the post so I will busy making some little *loveys*. I don't mind doing THEM! LOL!


  1. That's so cool! It that a kit for the monkey socks?? If so - where can I get one?

  2. I get the socks online at and they are listed under the monkey socks and books, I believe. The pattern comes with every pair. :o)