Monday, March 22, 2010

Wholecloth Design Class

I love wholecloths. And I am taking an online class at MQResource on designing them. Not sure how I will do as I really hate drawing but this is my first practice sheet. They actually look like feathers! LOL! I am encouraged. :o)


  1. Hi Jude - you'll do fine in the wholecloth class!!! Your feathers look great. Just keep going - Once you have your fabric loaded with feathers it will be so cool! I'll be anxious to see your quilt finished.

  2. Karen, that is praise, indeed, coming from you. I have been looking at your wholecloths on Facebook and they are incredible!

  3. Looking good Jude! I just finished watching the Adam's lessons and he is so good, and I learned a lot just this first week about drawing, pebbles and mirror imaging! I was just doodling along with him, and having fun! I will have to really settle down with some serious practice paper and pencil later this week. Your drawings look so good!