Friday, February 12, 2010

Baby Pirate Quilt

I got the bright idea to load this little panel on my frame and to see how well my machine (and me) managed by doing a totally free motion quilt. Now...there are tons of lines and little details in the panel, as you can see, and I didn't use rulers or guides of any kind.
Oh, and I used the little open toed applique foot..perfect for the job. And..because it cannot be used with rulers, I wasn't tempted to use a guide. It was just me and my machine.
And it took a long time! But I finished it yesterday and did the binding last night, washed and dried it and it is adorable. :o)
So Fine threads (various colors) and pre-washed Warm and Natural batting.
And LOTS of quilting! LOL!


  1. too cute! Some little pirate is going to love that!

  2. Do you know what fabric company made this? I know it was a few years ago...but I am looking for a panel like this!