Monday, January 4, 2010

Cannot believe I have not posted in so long....

Happy New Year! :o)

Now that the busy Christmas season is behind me I have decided to take the next 2 weeks and work on some of my own things and to challenge myself. First of all, I am working on my art quilt, "Harvest Moon" from Deb Levy's online class at MQResource. The applique is finished and it is loaded on my quilting frame and I have done the metallic thread work, so far. The batik leaves will be applied on top of the leaf *shadows* when all the quilting is finished. Next quilting will be a lot of *fills* in the rays...haven't decided what to put where, yet. I need to draw it out, first. And since I hate prep work I have been putting it off...because...for good luck I started a NEW quilt on New Year's Day. Like I needed a reason.... ;)

Harvest Moon Wallhanging on the frame.

This is the new quilt I have started, Sunshine Pineapple, and it has been so much fun to work on! It is so cold and snowy here that working with these colorful batiks has been a real treat!

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