Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Still Waiting for my Quilting Machine...but in the meantime...

......I have been spinning and knitting. This is the fiber that my daughter dyed up and I brought home with me from Canada. The turquoise is a superwash merino/nylon mix and it spun up beautifully...very soft and cozy.
The yellow is a cashmere/merino blend and I plied it with cream crochet cotton and it is also very, very soft.

I knitted up the turquoise into a Sweet Georgia
hat and a skinny scarf and it knitted up quickly and beautifully. Actually, this is the first time I have knitted something with my handspun and I am now addicted. Okay, I was addicted to spinning the stuff but now I am addicted to knitting with the stuff! LOL!

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  1. Gorgeous colors, I bet they are soft also.Love the hat and scarf Thanks for sharing,Amy