Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spinning Results

I am obsessed...yes, obsessed. If I don't spin every evening, I feel like the day is not complete. It is just very satisfying to take some nice, soft fiber and spin see the colors blend in a way that is often surprising to me and then to ply it (my favorite part!) and wash it and see everything *bloom*. So far, my yarns have turned out soft. They are not perfect but someone reminded me yesterday that homespun yarns are not supposed to be perfect! That is the attraction of them...the little bumps and thick and thin spots...the softer bits and the *homey* look of them. That's good, because my yarns are definitely not perfect! I want to spin interesting yarns and every endeavour is a journey. :o)

Here is my first *good* yarn. "Pastelle" from Mainewoods Yarns. It is definitely "thick and thin" and it turned out very pretty..soft and wooly. It is merino top. I love merino. :o)

This is the finished "Lobstah" from Mainwoods and my first thinner spinning. I got quite a bit from a 4oz roving!

This is the roving from Knit It Up (I love her fibers!) called "Crush" and it is a merino/bamboo mix. I loved spinning this as it is not as *wooly* and it has a lovely sheen to it. And it was such a surprise to me to see the colors blending as I spun it. The finished product is very, very pretty and I would love to get more of it. And I look forward to doing more with bamboo fibers.

And this is my first *sparkly* yarn...from CorgiHillFarms. It was a sample from the Phatfiber box for June. This was FUN to spin! It is a single right now and I am looking for the perfect fiber and color to ply it with.

I have other yarns drying and another one that I just plied and will post about them when they are finished.