Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bucking Bronco!

Yes, it is Commencement time, once again. Where did this year go....

In celebration, I made 2 pillow quilts out of the university colors and with the Bucking Bronco logo, in fleece. They are heavy. My muscles hurt. :o)

And...a picture of our *own* little bronco....

Sort of how I feel today, myself.... ;)


  1. I was perusing and was pleasantly surprised to see my alma mater's bucking bronc! I grew up in Wyoming and graduated from UW in 1982. I loved my time in Laramie!! I miss my old state but I'm not too far away in Nebraska. I love your fleece blankets! Beautiful work! --Reg

  2. Hey your bronco is doing a pilates move ... a hard one too. He's going to have good abs.

    Too cute.