Thursday, April 23, 2009

Antique Quilt

This is a special quilt. Several years ago, back in Canada, I had gone to an auction and won a box of old linens and quilts. There were really old quilts in there...very ratty...and one had an older quilt inside used as the batting! And there was this top. Some if it was handpieced and parts of it were machine pieced and it was not very well put together but I used to use it as display in my shop.

Well, I finally got possession of it again and have quilted it, using bleached muslin on the back and qulting it with a really fun panto. The bobbin thread is variegated baby colours and I used cream coloured thread on top....cotton batting...

Then there was the challenge of what to use for binding. Since the quilt top is very old, the white muslin has turned beigey and it was really difficult to find fabric that suited it. But we found a daisy print which just looked adorable with it...added a lot of whimsy...and since the daisies had white in it and the quilt's white is not so white....well, I decided to put a strip of yellow in between. It is now washed and it has shrivelled up delightfully and I am tickled to bits with how it turned out!


  1. I know! LOL! This is the miracle of quilting. That top was ragged and bleached out and pieced together rather badly but it *needed* to be finished. And it really is a delightful finished quilt! So...when you is yours. ;) Happy Birthday, honey. I love you!

  2. YAY!! What an awesome birthday gift!! Thanks Mom :)