Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pansy Shawl!

I am tickled to bits...I finished my *Pansy Shawl* from is a KAL and my first lace knitting project. It was not difficult and just a pleasure to make. It is a Faroese style shawl and I knitted it out of Icelandic Unspun Sumac (one ply..and a gorgeous red with purple and orange undertones) and a size 8US circular needle. After blocking (also a first for me!), it measures 64" x 32" and a gauge of 4 sts/inch. And it is so cozy! Using the unspun is a bit tricky at first as just a tug and it breaks but it so easily mends by just overlapping the ends and rubbing it between my palms and I very quickly got the hang of knitting with it. I love it. I also used it, 2 plies, for my ribwarmer. At first I was concerned as it seemed too scratchy but after soaking it in a mild soap and water solution and rinsing it twice and then letting it sit in a sinkful of water with a squirt of hair conditioner in it, it came out light and quite soft. I was very gentle with it, no twisting, and rolled it in two towels and stepped on it for awhile. This got most of the water out of it..then I layed it out on an old white doubled up flannel sheet and stretched it until I thought it looked good, pinned the edges and let it dry overnight. This morning it was dry and I could not wait to put it over my shoulders! What is SO surprising to me is how light it is. And now I am hooked...will be asking for lace shawl books for my birthday this year! LOL! Oh, it only took just over a bun and a half of the unspun.
Cannot help it...I am so proud! :o)


  1. Congrats on a LOVELY finish! You did a fantastic job. Wear it in great health!!

  2. That turned out just beautiful! You will really enjoy it I'm sure!