Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still Knitting

I have been busy finishing up some socks that I had started in the winter. Made out of my favourite Regia sock wool...it doesn't seem to pill as much as the others do. I had started using it in Germany and can get it over here and socks are always on the go since my dh goes through store-bought socks too quickly. We can get a good 5 years out of my handmade socks. And they fit so nice and snug. So! I finished my denim blue ones as my original ones are wearing out and since I had some little bits left, I made Quinn (who will be born in October) some socks *just like Nana's*. They are so tiny! But they will fit him really nicely..nice and snug and won't fall off. They took a whole evening to make! LOL!
After I finished mine and Quinn's, I started on another pair for dh. This patterned yarn is his favourite and he has several colourways..he just wore out his original pair. I am always knitting socks...it is my mindless work.

And I also just finished a little sweater set for the baby. Will get this sent off to Canada soon. :o)

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